Expertly Crafted
Content & Engaging Blog Posts

Quality content attracts new customers by telling your story and selling your services. Research-driven content and interesting blog posts will draw strong leads to your website.

Mastering the Art of Engaging & Search-Optimised Content

Writing good content is a skill. The text should be well-crafted, factually correct and engaging. But it must also include all the words that the average customer is searching for.

Whether it is a blog, social media post, or news article, content is essentially the fuel for SEO.

What Is Content And
Why Is It So Important?

Content includes all the information provided for the customer, but the written word is the driving force behind website content.

To provide users with the most relevant information, Google crawls the internet looking for titles, meta titles and texts that perfectly match searches. That’s why the right content is crucial; without the perfect wording, Google will not show your website to potential customers!

At We Build Trades, we don’t provide generic service descriptions and information. Instead, our wordsmiths create content that is search engine optimised and designed to promote high local organic rankings.

Content is the marketing tool that helps your website become a local source of authority. However, content is also designed to increase lead generation on social media and within your email marketing campaigns.

Our content writers find new ways to tell stories about our clients. With a keen sense of style, we create a voice for your business that sets you and your services apart from the rest.

Poorly written words and typos can let your company down, so turn to an experienced content team to provide what you need.

Why You Need Great Content

Crafted content that is specific to your industry will bring more visitors to your website, and keep them engaged. SEO optimised content for service businesses has the following benefits:


When people can read about your services and fully understand what you offer, they are more likely to buy


Today, online research is easy, so if your content doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, they move on swiftly to the next business


Content raises brand awareness and establishes authority in your services


With quality writing, your knowledge about your trade shines, and your brand gains trustworthiness


Engaged visitors stay longer and this improves your Google ranking


High quality content raises your search ranking

Content Written
Just For You

We specialise in content for home service businesses such as heating engineers, electricians and solar installers.

We know that no two businesses are alike, and we approach the content to reflect this. We tap into your unique values and your service promises. Our content showcases who you are, where you work and what you do.

Blog Posts For Local Tradespeople

Blog posts keep your website fresh, and it attracts people who are searching for the services you provide. Blog posts are a great way to promote what you do while establishing your authority in your field.

Articles can be added to your website at regular intervals to suit you and your budget. They can also be shared and promoted via social media. Ask us about our blog post services for business.

The Next Step – Reputation Management

Potential customers are more likely to use your services if they have seen good reviews.

How do you manage your reputation and get great feedback?

We can help you with this – learn more about collecting and sharing positive feedback.